Gary Garnand writes the book on how to build a successful fresh produce business

With over 50 years of experience in fresh produce, Gary Garnand, owner of Garnand Marketing, L.L.C. could write the book on how to be successful in the produce business–and he has. Garnand wrote You Can Build It! How One Company Went From Nothing to Something to teach others in the fresh produce business how to be successful. He has the experience to back the book up, with his years in the fresh produce world and having taught for six years at PMA’s Produce Academy, Gary has a history of helping educate those in the agriculture industry be more successful. And he wants to do the same for others, both newcomers and those with experience.

“The produce business is all about relationships. And I believe you have to give back. If you can help someone in the industry, no matter who they are, then you should do it,” says Garnand. “It all goes back to the idea of mentorship–it may not help you personally, but it helps the industry get stronger which in turn, helps you.”

Gary Garnand grew up in the agricultural business, as had his father and grandfather before him, learning the business from the ground up, starting by sewing potato sacks, loading rail cars, inspecting potatoes, and culling lines to finally getting behind the desk selling fresh produce.

Gary found a love for the fresh produce business saying “I don’t know of another industry built on trust at its core as the much as in produce. Relationships matter in this business–there are people who’ve supported us when we had hard times and we’ve done the same in return.”

After experiencing phenomenal growth in the first ten years, Garnand added a truck brokerage, The Northwest Connection, to the company to gain better control over transportation needs. Today, Garnand Marketing and The Northwest Connection continue to reinvent and diversify. Garnand is heavily involved with retail, foodservice, food manufacturers, and processors, bringing fresh produce into their programs.

The company also publishes a weekly update providing up-to-date information on fresh produce trends and markets along with crop reports. To get your weekly report, simply email Garnand’s new book, You Can Build It! Is now available iTunes and is free to download. Get your’s today here!

Headquartered in Twin Falls, Idaho, Garnand Marketing supplies a wide range of fresh produce to retail, foodservice, manufacturers, and processors across the U.S.