How Produce Brokers Benefit Your Business

“I understand why we get a bad rap,” says Gary Garnand of Garnand Marketing, L.L.C., a produce broker located in Twin Falls, Idaho, “there are too many brokers who’ve given us a bad name–they gouge their customers on prices and don’t help them build their business.” But Garnand says that’s never been his philosophy stating, “I’ve always felt that it’s our job to help make our customers money. If they make money, so do we. So we focus on developing programs to increase their bottom line.”

With hundreds of produce shippers and distributors in the U.S., choosing a broker to work with can be difficult. Picking a broker who has strong, long-term relationships with national sources can guarantee customers a consistent supply of the highest quality produce at the best prices. Finding a broker like Garnand Marketing with long term connections that have stood the test of time provides your business stability as relationships can break down when product is tight. Gary points to his nearly 46 years in the produce business and the multitude of relationships that he’s fostered, some right from the start.

Along with important shipper relationships, a highly effective produce broker involves a combination of product knowledge, strategy, planning efficiency, and promotion. A broker who’s constantly looking at crops and market trends to make sure their customers are always ahead of the curve is hard to replace. And Garnand’s extras such as on-site inspection for quality control and direct affiliations with logistics providers are icing on the cake.

But arguably one of the most beneficial reasons to work with a broker is their ability to provide pricing stability. Brokers, like Garnand Marketing, help you scale your sales costs incrementally with single or multiple season pricing or high/low pricing with lids and floors built in. Exploring contract options with your broker will offer a variety of options to suit your projected usages.

Finally, Gary Garnand points out, “Produce brokers get a bum-wrap as being more expensive, but a good broker isn’t there to be a middleman, he’s there to help you build your business.”

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