Overview of Fresh Potato and Onion Market for 8/14/17

Be Aware: Southeast Idaho is on the path of totality for the August 21 eclipse and is gearing up for what is expected to be the highest number of visitors at one time to the area. Traffic is expected to be slow moving and congested beginning this weekend, August 19 through August 23. If you are shipping from this area or any area on this pathway, loading before or after the bulk of the traffic is recommended.


Idaho: Demand exceeds supply in Idaho. The old crop is finishing up with prices holding steady.

The new crop is available in several areas. Prices are starting several dollars higher than the old crop.

Colorado: Old crop is nearly finished and the new crop is starting to come in from New Mexico. Call for pricing as the market has not yet been established.

Wisconsin: Wisconsin has finished up the old crop and is about a week from starting up with new crop potatoes.

Washington: The old crop is finished. The new crop is a little behind normal but most shippers we deal with are starting up. We expect the first digs to be on the small side and catch up as the season goes on. Early quality has been very good.

Nebraska: Nebraska has new crop Norkotahs and they appear to be good sized and nice quality. They’re about the same price as western potatoes but are a bit larger, and freight out of Wisconsin is less expensive.


Idaho/Oregon: The new crop is progressing but because of the erratic planting schedule and weather, there are variations within the crop. As expected, some fields look great, some good, and some not so good.

There have been some shippers starting out with early varieties. These varieties are not long keepers but are good quality. Expect most shippers to be in normal production sometime next week.

Washington: Washington has been harvesting new crop direct seed onions for about a week. Early reports show good quality and size. It appears the crop is heavy to jumbos and shippers are starting to catch up with demand. If you’re looking for new crop onions, give us a call–we’ll work on the delivered price to make it work for you.

Mexico: All shippers we work with in Mexico have finished. We feel this deal is completed.

Texas: All shippers we work with have finished for the season in Texas.

California: The Central California crop appears to be excellent and the volume is very good with prices slightly below New Mexico. All three colors are still available. It appears to be a very good crop running heavy to jumbo yellows. The biggest concern on the summer onion deal, as always is the temps. They have been very hot and can create issues for quality so make sure you monitor your onion supply closely.

New Mexico: Quality and yield appear to be excellent and heavy to jumbo and colossal size. The deal will go on for another few weeks and then wind down quickly. Overall, New Mexico has had good quality and we have been pleased with the results.


Fuel prices remain steady across the country but freight rates are on the rise due to supply and demand.

Truck rates out of Idaho and Utah remain moderate but with increasing prices in California trucks, more are starting to deadhead to California for the high rates. Plan on increased prices during the summer season.

Washington and Oregon rates are down due to the season. Fall harvest will kick off very soon and we will see an upward trend over the next month in the Northwest.

Trucks in California remain tight but as the midsummer is upon us we will see a slow decline in rates.