The Cyclical Nature of Knowledge

“It’s all been done before.”

“History repeats itself.”

“The Best way to know where you’re going is to understand where you’ve been.”

These are cliches everybody is well familiar with. Like most cliches, they have withstood the test of time because…quite simply…..they’re true. And they’re not only true, but fundamentally so, meaning that even with the constant slant of subjectivity and bias that our own individual upbringing provides us….they’re true regardless. We’re all continuously involved in millions of different cycles every day from the simplest of laundry… to life and death… to the totality of nature surrounding us every day.

Of course this is debatable, but there’s no reason to believe that space stops or that the Universe as we know it isn’t simply a smaller part of a bigger collection of pieces. This means the chance that there isn’t intelligent life (much more intelligent and much less intelligent) other than us is 0%. Once again equally debatable, but unless you bring a religious aspect into the argument, there’s no reason to believe that there was ever a beginning to time or will be an end to time. The reasonable assumption is that the Cosmos and Time itself are cycles like everything else, both infinite and eternal. This means that in essence if not also in exact detail, everything probably has been done before at some place and time……somewhere.

If you’ve lived a few decades anywhere on Earth, you’ve already seen for yourself that the same trends tend to repeat themselves in human history, whether it be war or fashion. A million points can be taken from this observation, but here’s mine: a person’s entire life can be summed up by the cycles he’s helped complete and the cycles he’s helped break. There have always only existed the three choices of for, neutral, and against. In the case of cycles, if you’re neutral to something than your doing nothing is helping it to continue. Each person has a limited amount of resources (emotional, physical, financial, etc.) to apply in their lifetime, so choosing your battles is key. The more complex a cycle you choose to tackle, the less obvious your affect on it will be in most cases.

Whatever we choose to stand for, if we don’t recognize the interconnected nature of what we’re doing, we’ll continue to miss out. To miss out on opportunities for growth, change, or whatever positive you might like to insert here. What cycles would you like to see broken? Violence? Ignorance? Poor nutrition? What cycles would you like to see deepened? Financial savvy? Spiritual depth? Education? All cycles tend to create or destroy. There’s no need to drone on and on. And I won’t even give you an opinion on where I think you should place your resources. It’s a very simple idea, and in the end, your decision to make. I leave you with the sincerest of well wishes that we shall choose wisely.

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