You raised some very good points, especially regarding The Lord of the Rings.
Zoe Heriot

Alas, it sounds like this problem stems entirely from the fact that I haven’t read the later books. I was also reading them in my teenage years, and in the middle of Book Five? or Six? I sat up straight in my chair and said, “My god, he’s going to keep writing until he dies. He’s not going to finish this series.”

I don’t want to call myself a prophet, but…

At some point I don’t doubt I’ll sit down and give Wheel of Time another shot, if only for professional reasons. But right now my TBR shelf is just too full of books I’m pretty sure I’m going to really, really enjoy. I don’t want to suffer through three or four books just to get to the good parts of a series that’s so large. (I say three or four because I still hold that the first two Wheel of Time books are among the best fantasy novels out there).