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To say that ebooks have revolutionized the publishing and reading landscapes would be an understatement. Traditional book publishers have scrambled to fill the demand for ebooks and their related technologies, sometimes with less-than-satisfactory results. ChatEbooks, an innovative online marketplace based in Walnut, California, has developed their own method for meeting demand, creating a retail space for ebooks online that brings authors and readers together. By using social media to foster a more personalized connection between ebook authors and their readers, the overall digital reading experience is enhanced. “There are many benefits for readers and authors in the ebook market,” says Tanisha Williams, founder of the retail company. “It is an exciting time to be part of the publishing revolution.” To learn more about the company’s platform and its features, visit

One of the most popular benefits to adopting ebook technology for readers is the portability they afford. With a small e-reader device like Amazon’s Kindle or other devices, readers can bring an entire library of titles with them wherever they go. This benefit is of great importance to those who travel or have long commutes to work, giving them the ability to read their favorite books on the road. As the technology has matured, another important benefit has emerged: younger people are adopting e-readers. A study published in a prominent library journal indicated that younger students, even so-called “reluctant readers” or those who did not care for reading, favored ebooks and electronic reading devices by a large margin over traditional print works. “Capturing young minds and fostering readership at an early age creates readers for life,” adds Tanisha. “Ebook technology is breaking down barriers.”

For its part, ChatEbooks offers many benefits as well. Unlike other online ebook sellers, the California-based company has created a way to bring book authors and readers together in an innovative way. The company’s online marketplace offers hundreds of ebook titles, but the site’s added features harness the power of social media, building author/reader interaction directly into the retail space. Members of the platform have access to exclusive book talks with authors, read and post comments on titles, and purchase ebook titles in a wide range of electronic formats. For more information on the company and to view their extensive list of available titles, visit


About ChatEbooks

ChatEbooks connects book authors and readers with an innovative social media platform and e-marketplace. The company’s goal is to provide the highest quality digital reading experience available. Authors and readers alike enjoy a variety of benefits on the platform allowing both groups to interact in meaningful ways. The company, based in Walnut, California, offers thousands of ebook titles and value-added features like book talks, author chats, and reviewing tools to choose from on its user-friendly site.


Tanisha Williams


Address: 340 S. Lemon Avenue, Suite 9116, Walnut, California 91789, United States

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