Garven Jan Chen
20052 Jessee Court 
Castro Valley, Ca, 94552 OR

Why I want to become a Software Engineer and why I want to start my career path at Holberton School in San Francisco, Ca.

Engineering is a great career path to be in why? Because I love working on and creating applications, writing codes, fixing bugs and fixing errors, and seeing it used by millions of people. I want to be a software engineer because I get to be creative, collaborative with colleages, and has a bright future. As technology grows rapidly now a days I would like to get into the programming technology to stay current in the world events. I want to attend Holberton School because the school strive’s to teach full stack stoftware engineering. Holberton School has all tools necessary and is open 7 days a week, as a working student I can take advantage of the 7 days.

Software engineer is a creative and unique career. Software enginner’s turn ideas to reality not to mention it’s a rewarding career path. Writing codes really interest me because everything now a days is app based and computer based so what exciting career to get into than programming! Whats great about programming is you get feedback right away. For example you write a code, process it, and run it. The code will run fine or you get a error and you will know right away. Best part about software engineer is you get to be creative! Like Facebook, instagram, twitter, uber, were all just a idea now turned to reality.

Being a software desingner has it’s many great opportunities. Software engineer’s can find employment anywhere and most companie’s have flexible work schedule’s. You can impact and change the world by programming. Your product or product’s can be used by million’s so it is crucial the program work’s flawlessly. There are many path’s to choose from and you can also start your own service or business with these skill’s and traits.

Holberton School looks like a school that fits my needs and will help me succeed as a Software Designer. Although I know nothing about programming, I am ready to put in 60 hour’s or as much hour’s needed to learn what is necessary to start a career. I heard of Holberton School through my cousin “Lisa Leung” Who is a current student enrolled at Holberton school. I am hoping to follow her path and get the opportunity to work with some great mentors at Holberton.

As a incoming student I would like to say I am very excited that Holberton has a program to offer to student’s who are interested in pursuing a Software engineer career. I am very excited to learn how to create a application, debugging it, and running the application’s. Being a software engineer you have to be creative, and have to communicate and convince others that your idea is great. There is plenty of room to grow in many companies. Software Engineering is a career path I will enjoy because I can learn and work with a fun striving team that wants to be successfull like me.

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