Why am I so afraid to fail…I mean, learn?
Janna DeVylder

I can’t give you any advice, just my story, it may help.

I had this freeze point, it’s horrible. But I realised it was coming from not a place of fear, but one of volume, complete mental overload.

I was just frozen with the last minutes rushes, the fear of (what I thought) was failure in my eyes. I was getting into a terrible state.

But you know we push back with anxiety when our flimsy beliefs are challenged. We believed the world is constantly expecting a miracle. When in fact the world, just doesn’t care. Every thing I thought was a failure was just me thinking the worst. In fact many of the failures had success written on them, I just couldn’t see it with my perfectionist lens on.

How did I get there. I stopped. Everything! Looked at it all one by one, from love, interests, family, career, business, community volunteering etc and considered if they were really me. What I really wanted to do. If they didn’t pass the deathbed test, I just stopped them or didn’t take them seriously anymore.

This refocus really helped me. It wasn’t instantaneous, it took me months.

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