Don’t Sleep on Vine

Everyone is enamoured with the shiny new social channel (you know — the one with the ghost) and along with the major players, sometimes channels like Vine get lost in the shuffle. For some the (now) 15 second looping videos were a head scratcher. What could you do in such a short amount of time?

But as pretty much all of the social platforms are now introducing quick video clips, Vine seems to make far more sense, and looks a little like a pioneer in the land of TL/DR.

So with that in mind, here are few cool things you may not know about Vine:

So before you summarily write off Vine as to niche or to fringe or to small for your brand, consider it might be an untapped opportunity to reach a new audience. And if you’re dismissing it, chances are your competitors are too, which sounds like the perfect opening to get out ahead.

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