How Many Hours Do You Lose Per Year Trying to Track Assets?

As we move deeper into 2016, are you looking over your shoulder at the past year’s expenditures to find a way to save more this year? Here at ID Integration, we offer several new innovations that dramatically cut production costs. Our smart manufacturing solutions streamline error reporting on your plant floor and effectively track tools and assets.

Our new solution for locating assets is the V-Tag™ RFID asset tracking system and AssetWorx! RFID tracking software. In our partnership with InfinID Technologies, you can now locate your assets in real-time — Your valuable tools and products display on a software of your facility in real-time. Save costs in labor searching your warehouse for items, and save time during audits.

This V-Tag™ active RFID solution makes asset and tool tracking quicker and easier at almost half the cost of passive RFID systems. Here’s how: The V-Tags™ actually “talk” to each other, eliminating the expense of antennas and infrastructure. Measuring the size of a box of Tic Tacs, affix each V-Tag™ to an asset. With AssetWorx! software, view the location of each asset on your computer within seconds. If the locations of your tools are rearranged, the software map refreshes. Set alarms for movement, temperature fluctuations, and more, and view historical reports of V-Tag™ activity. Watch the V-Tag™ solution in action in our website videos, and download our white paper on“Avoiding the expense of RFID Asset Tracking Infrastructures”.

To save time and money tracking assets for FDA UDI or Department of Defense compliance, we are known for our BarCode OS ® software suite. This cutting-edge software successfully extends the capabilities of your IUID scanners. It saves money in labor, because it boots up right from the box, removing the need for tech support calls. A 200+ page software manual is unnecessary, because users get their own web browser portal to configure their readers.

Once BarCode OS is installed, your IUID scanners will only transmit valid IUID barcodes to your PC, eliminating data entry errors. If you’re using our FDA UDI edition, you’ll find this software helps to secure improved FDA UDI validation for easier compliance — long term. BarCode OS Software suite is the World’s only scanner software that comes with a built-in firewall, preventing costly PC attacks through malicious data matrix and QR commands. Visit our website to discover more advantages and read particular IUID and FDA UDI benefits of using our exclusive scanner software.

ID Integration’s team experts are available to assess your current RFID asset tracking system and recommend a customized, money-saving active RFID system. We also have years of expertise in recommending cost-efficient solutions for complying with MIL-STD-130 IUID, ATA Spec 2000 RFID, and FDA UDI regulations.

Start saving money with ID Integration. Call us at (425) 438–2533 for a free consultation.