RFID Automation Reduces Costs Across All Business Sectors

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology revolutionizes efficiency. Cutting-edge RFID solutions, once only available to our country’s government and aviation sectors, are now accessible for a wide variety of business applications.

ID Integration is at the forefront of the latest money-saving RFID innovations:

• TraxWare®, RFID sensory automation software from Entigral, enables real-time work-in-process (WIP) capabilities — Have the ultimate control over your factory floor, using RFD tags to track relevant raw materials to finished products, from people to equipment, lending increased understanding to how they interact within your manufacturing processes. Locate and identify WIP with less human interaction and experience a ROI on your manufacturing tracking.

• V-Tag™ RFID asset tracking, with AssetWorx! Software, further increases efficiency by saving money on labor. These FCC-approved active RFID tags, each about the size of a box of Tic Tacs, are easily affixed to parts, tools, and assets. They “talk” to each other, creating a mesh network that transmits up to 300 feet. You’ll see their locations in real-time, on a software map, allowing for virtually error-proof, easy audits. No antennas and expensive infrastructures need to be constructed, making the V-Tag™ RFID location tracking system available at half the cost of standard passive systems!

The applications of our full-range of RFID solutions are found in many different industries. “We’ve received strong interest for our RFID solutions for Maintenance, Repair, Logistics, Oil, Mining, and Medical and First Aid Responders. RFID technology cuts across many markets,” says President and Founder of ID Integration, Gary Moe. Read about the proven results of active RFID in some pilot studies.

V-Tags™ are also employed for environmental and pipeline monitoring, because they can be set to detect temperature fluctuations. Additional industrial applications include tracking jigs, construction, gas, and oil implementation.

“Expect to see hybrid systems in the near future that will incorporate bar code, direct part marking, cloud services, and several additional forms of RFID tracking,” predicts Moe. Read our white paper on “Avoiding the Expense of RFID Asset Tracking Infrastructures,” watch V-Tags™ in action in our Active RFID Solution video, and then give our experts a call at (425) 438–2533 to receive customized RFID integration technology for your business.