The likening of Covid rules to Nazi Germany is exactly what would happen in Nazi Germany

Mask off

For many, times have never been harder. The public purse is being squeezed more than ever before with consumers spending less and less, leaving city centre vendors struggling and hard working landlords out of pocket. The public are becoming increasingly fed up of tightening restrictions as those in power are revealed to have flouted the rules at vital moments. The UK is reaching boiling point at a moment where any sort of raised temperature is grounds for suspicion.

Public safety is always the number one priority of a government, whether they state it explicitly or not. Ministries for health, welfare, defence, Wales, crime and punishment and so on; they all boil down to making sure people are kept out of danger. These men and women shape legislation and are assumed to be experts in each field, yet draconian overreaching by certain machiavellian individuals is damaging the way the electorate is viewing their handling of the pandemic.

Even well ignored Tory backbenchers like Marcus Fysh have come out and explicitly warned that they feel new ideas like Covid passes are akin to the policies that made Nazi Germany infamous during the mid 20th century. He is far from alone; many other pundits and politicians from all creeds have joined sides with him to shame the government, alleging they have attempted to divide the population between those who allow themselves to be injected with unknown nonsense from shady and often foreign sources, and others who choose to take vaccines.

Yet such comparisons seem to me obtuse and even offensive. Ostracising ideas to such an extent and vilifying people for essentially looking out for the wider public interest is reminiscent of the discrimination that was suffered by so many in Nazi Germany. It is a short walk from the bigotry we are seeing in newspaper columns today to a full on authoritarian state, where doctors and pundits alike are kicked about in the street, and eventually shunned from society altogether.

Furthermore, what sense does it make to compare such a modern, contemporary situation to conditions that have not existed for close to a century? Maybe if we were back in the 1930s, there could be a cause for some simple minded foghorns to compare British policy to that of its continental neighbours. Yet if they wanted to do so, I would suggest they go over there themselves and sound off, as that sort of dissent in the times of Winston Churchill would not be welcome on our shores.

I am no expert on Nazi Germany, but it is clear that those who draw parallels between Britain in 2021 and that long gone country are exactly the sort of people who would be more suited to life in Nazi Germany, where comparisons to Nazi Germany would not only actually make sense, but would inevitably somehow fall in with the narcissistic, globalist bravado and state-sponsored journalistic hivemend of Nazi Germany that we know so well.

No-name politicians and brass necked pundits need to take a deep breath and consider their words more carefully, or their columns may see a significantly reduced number of clicks for a period of two weeks or more.




Leading pundit.

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Gary Manilow

Gary Manilow

Leading pundit.

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