Why We Need to Divorce Art From Design

Being an artist/designer since the 1950s, my belief in DESIGN is essential for art — all art. It is the knowledge that makes good or bad art. Without design knowledge, it’s hit or miss attempt at achieving a goal. But, design doesn’t win awards — that is purely subjective. Design is totally objective, because it’s knowledge. What design allows us to understand, as artist, is what works and doesn’t work.

My life as an artist and teacher was concerned with static and dynamic compositions. I work mainly with static elements and turn them into dynamic relationships. You take the “Jaws” poster above, it appears static because of its vertical position of elements in a straight line (static). A second look reveals large, medium, small elements (dynamic), which makes it work. It also has a powerful element of subjectivity — horror. A novice doesn’t see these elements— a knowledgeable person does.

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