Best Socifeed Review: Is it more JUNK?

Best Socifeed Review: Is it more JUNK?

So, I guess you’re looking for Socifeed reviews, right?

You probably recieved one of the numerous emails wth subject like:

  • FASTEST & Automated Video SHORTCUT
  • Automated Video System Gets You Sales!
  • Organic SEO & Viral Traffic On Autopilot
  • 100% Fresh Video Content that SELLS.
  • If you’re online, it’s a MUST have.
  • The THREE SECRETS to Get Buyers

BLEH. Usual BS. Which is a shame because this actually isn’t bad software at all but they always have to angle their sales pitch with OTT retarded subject lines.

This article isn’t going to be another “READ MY HONEST SOCIFEED REVIEW HERE…PLUS GET MUH BONUSES!” . You know it’s true…just Google search “socifeed reviews”…yeah, I told you so.

If you’ve read any of my other reviews here on Medium (check out my profile here) then you’ll know that I’ve sacrificed making (any) money to expose the NUMEROUS scam internet marketers trying to milk you of your hard earn money.

As usual, there will be NO affiliate links in this article. Why would I do this without compensation? Because I’m testing.

My Socifeed Review

Socifeed Reviews

What is Socifeed?

Before I splurge out what the sales page states, let me know start by saying this product isn’t bad at all.

If you’ve read any of my other internet marketing reviews that you’ll know that’s high praise from me (because 99% of IM launches are money grabs with no longevity).

Does that mean I think you should buy Socifeed?

This is only worth buying if you fully intend to create engaging promo/sales videos.

If done right then they will be perfect to use as ads on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Here are some JUNK Socifeed Reviews…