xMails Reviews: Is it just another SCAM from Jai Sharma?

Gary Schollmeier
Nov 27, 2018 · 3 min read

In this xMails review, I will be discussing Jai Sharma’s latest offering.

Since you’re looking for xMails reviews then I will presume you were drawn to this article because you read one of the many emails being sent out by various internet marketers.

EDIT — Please scroll down to the comments for some genuine feedback from xMails customers. Jai Sharma is a scammer of the highest order and all his products should be ignored.

You will have seen one of the many emails subjects:

  • Send Unlimited Mails to Unlimited subscribers
  • Boost email delivery, click and open rate instantly
  • Dump Your Email Service Provider Today
  • [XMails] Power Of Unlimited Lists/Unlimited Campaigns, Unlimited Broadcasts, Unlimited Subscribers for Unlimited Months
  • [Smartest Email Autoresponder] One-time payment to get rid of monthly payment hassles
  • FIRE Your Autoresponder Service Provider!
  • CANCEL Your Autoresponder Subscription NOW!
  • Want 3800% ROI?
  • Send Unlimited Emails to Unlimited Subscribers — No SMTP Required!
  • Stop Paying Monthly for Email Autoresponder Service!
  • Stop Making your Email Service Provider Rich!
  • Get Life-Time Email Autoresponder Account for 1-Time Price!
  • Life-Time Email Autoresponder Account — No Monthly Charges!

Is xMails worth considering? (tl;dr — No, it’s not)

Here is one of the generic “swipe” emails that have been pre-written and given away for free, by Jai Sharma, to all his JV’s for this product launch:

“The money is in the list” is key to earnings, profits, success and fame…

But the BIG problem is the dependency on 3rd party autoresponders that’s stopping all of us from making MORE money from our lists.

So, why not crush this problem once for all…

Introducing xMails-

The next-generation autoresponder software that has all the top of the line features that we’ve come to associate with a powerful mainstream AR like Mailchimp, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, Aweber etc.

With Easiest Drag-N-Drop Form Builder With Free-Form Style Editor, you’ll also get-

- Inbuilt SMTP and no monthly recurring cost
- 100s Of High Converting Mail Templates In Any Niche (Tested & Proven)
- Ability to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers for just one time price
- 100% Secure system for all of your systems, subscribers, campaigns and funnels
- Import Unlimited Subscribers Don’t Lose Even a Single Lead
- Boost email delivery, click and open rate instantly

This Cloud Based Email Marketing Platform gives you the Power Of Unlimited Lists/ Unlimited Campaigns/ Unlimited Broadcasts/ Unlimited Subscribers/Unlimited Leads/Capture Unlimited Contacts/ Unlimited Mail Sent for Unlimited Months

My xMails Review: It’s terrible

Jai Sharma’s business model revolves around big launches (thanks to the help of his money-hungry internet marketing buddies), producing terrible products and screwing his buyers will non-existent support.

I strongly advise AGAINST buying anything from Jai Sharma (or any of his internet marketing buddies).

He is a known liar and cheat. Look him up…he’s terrible.

Fake xMails Reviews:

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