9 Pointers To Make The Perfect Trade Show Appearance

Experienced exhibitors rely on proven marketing techniques to make each trade show appearance a success. They devote considerable time, talent and financial resources to ensure that target customers approach their booths — the end-goal is to gain significant leads.

Not every company excels at trade shows. A lot of them make the grave mistake of preparing too late for the trade shows. Successful companies make sure they plan for each trade show event months in advance. It’s important to come up with the perfect strategy to lure people to your booth. The 9 pointers mentioned in this article will help you move in the right direction.

1. Perform thorough research

There are hundreds of trade shows and exhibitions taking place in the USA every year. Which ones should your company participate in? Does your target audience visit these trade shows? What are the cost and logistics involved in setting up a booth at these events? Seek trade shows that can provide maximum ROI so that you gain long-term business benefits.

2. Register early

Have you selected a trade show to participate in? If yes, then the next logical step is registration. It’s easy to register for a trade show. Many organizers have websites that allow easy registration. But many people aren’t aware of early bird discounts. You can save hundreds of dollars by registering as early as possible!

3. Plan well for your booth

It’s important to have a booth that looks exciting and inviting. The first step is to choose the right location for your booth. You can do this by consulting with the organizers. Be prepared to shell out more for easily approachable locations. Also, create banners and other marketing material that can be used at your booth. Adopt an attractive color scheme that matches your branding requirements.

4. Invest in promotional products

Trade show visitors love receiving giveaways. Make sure you select trade show supplies that are useful, durable and attractive. A good giveaway will continue to serve as reminders of your brand long after the trade show is over.

5. Set goals for the event

What do you seek to achieve at the event? List out all your goals and share the document with employees. Everybody should have a clear picture of their responsibilities and how they will contribute to the success of the event.

6. Promote your participation well in advance

Use the power of social media to highlight your participation. Promote it aggressively to ensure a lot of well-wishers show up at your stall. Create flyers/direct mailers and send them to potential visitors so that they are aware of your participation.

7. Have contests and games at your booth

Keep things relaxed at your booth. Make sure visitors have some fun as well by launching simple contests or games. These interactive methods will ensure a lot of people turn up at your booth.

8. Devise a mechanism to collect visitor info

It’s important that you collect contact details of booth visitors so that you can follow up with them later. Have a survey with interesting questions that relate to the industry you are in. This is a legitimate way to gain contact details. Another way to collect info is by asking everybody who takes part in booth games to register with their contact details.

9. Track the results of your appearance

It takes a while to monitor trade show results because follow ups can be time consuming. Perform an analysis to understand how well you fared. How many potential clients did you meet? How many of them will opt for your services? How much money did you spend in total? There are a lot of questions that need answers. These answers will help you prepare for your next event in a more efficient fashion.

Did you find the tips in this article useful? Get in touch with us for exciting trade show giveaways. Use our marketing expertise to ensure your next event is a success!

Originally published at blog.promodirect.com on August 22, 2016.