Handling Burnouts To Increase Productivity

A burnout is a stage in life when you are the least interested in professional and personal pursuits. You have reached a point where stress has taken over your life. Immediate remedial action is required to ensure you are able to bounce back.

  • Are you on the verge of experiencing a burnout? Here are a few symptoms you should be careful of:
  • Lack of interest in work
  • Improper sleep
  • Inability to maintain relationships
  • Higher instances of frustration
  • Increase in ailments

A burnout can have a severe impact on your life. It can lead to crippling situations that damage your very existence. I have seen several cases of people who experienced burnouts. They went from being cheerful personalities to extremely depressed and reserved. Their change in behavior affected everybody else who dealt with them.

The consequences of burnouts can be witnessed in homes and offices all around the world. This article will help to get things in order!

1. Kick stress out of your life!

Most burnouts are a direct result of stressful situations at the office. You will have to closely monitor your office life. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the things that give you stressful moments at the office? (note them on a piece of paper)
  • How enjoyable is your job? Rate it on a scale of 1 to 10. (If you rated below 5, then it’s time you looked for another job)
  • What kind of relationship do you have with colleagues? (Are they approachable? Are you approachable?)
  • What is your most memorable moment in the office? (Is it a recent memory or an old one?)

The answers you provide to the questions above will help you decide whether you want to move on or not. Are the stress inducers jotted down by you easy to tackle? Resolve them at the earliest or move to an organization that offers a better environment for your professional growth and inner peace.

2. Take a break!

Do you think a break can give you a fresh perspective on work? Step away from the office for a couple of days. Take a vacation if necessary. Return with a fresh mind and a stronger appetite to take on challenges!

3. Never hesitate to share your worries with family and friends

Speak to a friend or family member whenever you are feeling low. Share your worries and spend more time with them. This helps you achieve a better work–life balance.

I hope this article helps you deal with stress better. Build better relationships at the office so that you don’t feel isolated. Gain some brownie points by recommending our range of marketing pens to your sales team!

Originally published at blog.promodirect.com on November 10, 2015.