I was an hour late for a soccer game last week. So I thought I should explain myself and wrote this.

Mornings Boys! Shortly after amazing our amazing Senior Pastor Tuesday weekly devotion titled — “Good Leader Lovingly Confront Bad Behaviour”, being confronted by a loving brother and also after many sleepless nights, I think I should write to apologies and explain why I was super late last week.

As some of you might know, since June last year I started interning at church 2 day a week, Oct last year our business FilmNeverDie.com , by God’s grace open a Café — FilmNeverDie café at Level 2, 640 Bourke street, Melbourne, 3000. By Feb this year I have taken on about 5–8 interns and volunteers and continue to run our Ecommerce business FilmNeverDie.com , run an brick and mortar café, on top of doing internship.

Needless to say life is a bit hectic, however you guys been so amazing to move indoor soccer to Carlton (next to where I live, Parkville) and move the time back to 8pm — 10pm which is amazing. Because our Café hours are 12–8pm Tuesday — Friday and 12–5 Sat & Sun.

So just 2 weeks ago as I am studying bible college subject — Formation of Self (learning about personal timeline, achievement, failure, joy and pain and unpacking my personal value) I thought about you guys. Under how I will physically look after myself section, I put down committing to weekly Friday soccer, so don’t worry you guys are in my plan.

Anyway I guess I just want to say that because the café shuts at 8pm, so by the time I drive there I can promise you guys a guarantee 15minutes late for each Friday game, however an hour like last week is not acceptable. I know, but sometimes customer do like to come when we are closing. However that did not happen last week, I was just quickly cleaning up as I got a 12 hours wedding to shoot the next day (it took slightly longer than I expected, at least I got some excuses). So if you guys is still cool with me being 15 mins late every game, I am more than happy to continue playing, just that I also understand how frustrating it is to not have enough players. But I can guarantee that I will score some goals, provide some assist and do a few good saves : D

For those who are not familiar, FilmNeverDie.com is a business selling Polaroid and Analogue films, going all in for vintage and old school we been running for about 5 years, still not profitable just yet but definitely building a bit of a following about 4.7k following each on Facebook and Instagram, got about 2,500 on our emailing list, about 30–50 daily walk in for a level 2 retail, turning over about $350,000 last year, but plan to be profitable in 6 months’ time.

If you like to chat more I invite you to come over to my café and let’s chat about passions, business, technology, management, relationship, life, death and anything in between, over some yummy specialty coffee (Yes you guys are overdue to come visit!).


FilmNeverDie Café

2/640 Bourke St,

Melbourne, 3000

12–8 Tue — Fri , 12–5 Sa & Sun

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