Witness the coolest father to son gift. It was in a wedding me and Wei Wei shot the day before.

In most Asian culture, during the wedding , there will be a tea ceremony, where the bride and groom serve up tea to the parents as a sign of respect.

The parent in return, will drink the tea (as an act of acceptance) and give gift (such as red packet, gold jewellery) to lavish the bride and groom, as blessing for their marriage road ahead.

This Dad however, drank the tea and say congratulation. As the bride and groom awaits their present, the Dad just stood quietly.

An awkward silence broke out. Without giving any physical gift or red pack the Dad just said : All I have is yours.

The crowd broke into laughters.

— -

after thoughts:

if our earthly father already want to give us all he has, what about our heavenly father ? I can’t imagine he want anything less for us… or maybe he has already prepare all the best for us, it’s only up-to us to realise and to claim it.

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