What Did You Give Back?

You’re always alone, sad and smoking

Drinking beer all the time.

You still think about her

You even stalk her on social media,

But why? You ask yourself.

Now, Why not?

She gave you a lot to remember,

All those pictures you took and still keep,

You remember her, dancing for you,

The long walk you had,

Her fine mind, her smile, her humor


Her warmth and compassion.

You’ve been a coward going without saying goodbye,

You knew she loved you so much,

You had nothing — but she loved you

She gave you all you needed — with a good heart

She suffered to save you and to see you smile,

She was kind — you always say.

Now that you want her back, she is a mother

With a beautiful little girl.

Is she happy? Maybe she is.

Come on…

Stop crying! Please stop!

Think, and Think…

What did you give back?

Isn’t it…

Ignorance, sorrow, pain, and regret?

Tell me what did you give back?

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