Aspire to Inspire

I’ve never been a public speaker and I’ve never done anything extraordinary to my knowledge, but I have always believed in believing in oneself. I was raised to not include the word “can’t” in my vocabulary and to this day believe with all of my being that anyone can do anything they put their mind to. Sounds like it’s a cliche right? To most it would be, but to me it’s a mantra.

In the short time I have been on this earth I have learned that nothing in life is predictable except time, not the amount of time but time. And with that said those whom aspire to do great things must have patience because anything worth doing is worth doing right and will more often than not require a large amount of it. Please don’t think I’m just pulling all this out of a hat like a rabbit ,I have lived and learned it!

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes as I am a knowledge junkie, everyone has a different formula for mastery or success but I’ve never read or heard anyone say success happens over night because more often than not it doesn’t.

Now I’m saying all of this to tell you one simple thing and that’s this, “Develop an undying faith in yourself” and I’m not just saying it I’m asking you to do it. It’s great to have friends and family whose opinion you value and appreciate but you have to make sure your not listening to another persons purpose, follow your own path!

As we grow and get older we look to others whether they be older or younger for advice,but to truly be great you have to take risk and gamble on yourself and your own subconscious ideas. I hate to have to burst some peoples bubble but it is going to be hard and nobody is going to do this thing called life for you. But I leave you with a message I got from a sprightly 90 year old women named Susan, it began with me asking her how she was so peppy even though the subject of our conversation wasn’t the most pleasant and she had actually called the wrong number… she responded with a smile I could hear through the phone saying she was just happy to be alive, I paused for a second then thanked her for her time and insight because it was the only response I could give to someone brimming with so much positivity. This was when she gave me the gift that is this message… she laughed and said that she has lived a long time but was always happy to learn ,she said with confidence “ I’m old enough to to know better, Young enough to learn, and dumb enough to try again”

I leave this as the last words of wisdom because it needs no explanation, never stop learning and never stop living I hope this message has given you the drive to inspire others and yourself the way she inspired me.