Dream Big

Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity- Will Smith

Dream no small dreams and go out into this world with the mindset that you will accomplish your impossibilities. There is no such thing as “can’t” remember?

Impossible happens all the time, no actually impossible happens every day, but I’m not making sense so let me clarify….There are things happening today that people once said were impossible.The blind regaining sight, the deaf hearing there loved ones voice for the first time, a black man becoming the leader of the free world!

When you have decided to turn the impossible into normal you might have to walk alone. Your vision is exactly that, yours! Have an iron will and an undying passion for what you feel, become your own biggest fan, and please never stop cheering yourself on.

I can’t tell you how long your journey will be, all I can say with confidence is that people will come and go but you must remain focused on your dream. Questioning yourself will happen at times ,and in these times you must realize that you can’t discuss your long term goals with short sighted people, they will fear your plan because they cannot see it, and the unknown terrifies most.

Don’t be fearful and take a leap of faith because I promise you that what happens after will truly open you up to a new feeling, and it’s not accomplishment it’s fulfillment.