Freeze Tag

“Free yourself so that you can free others”— Jason Van Gardner

I’m guessing you have all played freeze tag before, at least I hope you have, and if not, then you don’t know what your missing.

But that aside, I did not know what I was missing either, I am not talking about the game anymore, but the message this game conveys.

This time in our lives is full of choices and situations that make us stop in our tracks. On our path to greatness we encounter some cold and harsh truths about life, and for some of us it can be overwhelming. We become frozen, refusing to move forward or backward afraid of really moving at all.

This phenomenon is more common than you would think, I would know since it still happens to me.

My saving grace has been my friends,family, and even the occasional stranger. They took the time to tag me back in the game when I was frozen. Life graciously has allowed me to return the favor at times as well.

When you give someone encouragement you reignite the fire inside, you reignite their soul. We as humans poses this power but few choose to use it.

Just because your flame is not “strong enough” , does not mean it does not hold the power to reignite or strengthen someone else’s.

The strength with which your fire burns is your willpower, this can be shared with others, become a “fire starter” . Willpower can waver at times but will always blaze brightly again if you so choose.

We can choose to share this power, this gift, with others and make a collective effort to grow. There is nothing wrong with helping others in life, it’s a game that is as fun as you choose to make it.

So the next time you see someone who has been frozen by this game called life, go ahead and give them an encouraging word or maybe even just a hug or high five, just make sure you tag them back into the game.

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