Love yours

“No such thing as a life that’s better than yours” — J.Cole

We are constantly trying to do “better” and progress in life. Society constantly creates new wants and “needs” for us to aspire to achieve or acquire.

This is something that happens almost everywhere we go, and can even be self-inflicted. We can become a part of the system that tells you to do more, have more, be more!

I went to a dear friend of mines going away dinner recently, and it was there that I realized just how much the people in my life have accomplished. I then went on to realize just how much I have accomplished as well.

The feeling that overwhelms all others when I think of this is thankfulness. I’m thankful not just for what I have done but for what the friends and family in my life have been able to do as well.

Life is a game and it’s cool to have competition, but it’s not fun if you only celebrate yourself. Your life is shared with the people in it.

Happiness is contagious and to see and truly appreciate another person’s growth is a gift. So many people will feign admiration of your achievements, but few will truly respect what you had to go through to get there.

Just make sure at least you are respecting yourself and your accomplishments. Once you respect and admire yourself, it will be very hard for others to disrespect you.

Love yourself first, respect yourself first, and be unapologetically you!

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