Realistic Optimism

What’s is life if not organized chaos, waking up everyday with no idea what life has in store.Will I find the love of my life or will today be another filled with solo adventure . Will this day be a turning point or just another day in the trenches.

I wake up full of what I like to call realistic optimism, I have faith that my day will be positive but rarely do I wake up feeling like someone who is going the change the course of the world. But I will be the person who changes the course of my own world and you can do the same.

I search for signifigance and pray that I leave a mark on this earth, but here is where it gets funny, I known that everyday each individual leaves his/her mark on the earth interjecting into the life of everyone they come in contact with.

You may not make a monumental leap in life but work at taking a baby step towards your ideal life every chance you get.

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