Timex money, Rolex Watch

It’s crazy how primal we are and how few of us truly realize it. We buy things to attract and befriend people yet fail to take the time to know that person, or even know our true selves. I’ve encountered individuals who would spend their last dollar to go out and party, just to end up hungry for the next week. It is this mentality of over indulgence that anchors us into financial subclasses.

We put so much importance on material gains, that we negate mental and spiritual growth. We put so much importance on letting other people see how well we are doing, when more often than not, those individuals have too much going on in their lives to give yours any attention. Leaving us with an empty feeling, that void need to be filled with self love! They don’t notice you because while their body is at the event or social gathering, their mind and true focus are somewhere entirely different, which is more often than not, on themselves.

I too became a subject of this phenomenon at one point, but thankfully my mother snapped me out of it. She asked me why I was spending so much money on “things”. The things in our life do not define who we are, it is our character that does. The world can easily strip you of your material possession but your mind is the most precious and difficult jewel to acquire.

Just think how hard it is for things to even grasp our full attention nowadays, we are in a state of constant stimulation averting our attention from one stitution to the next so often that it’s a wonder we all aren’t crosse-eyed.

My mother used to have a saying and it goes like this

“ don’t live above your means, live within your means, and if you can, live below your means”.

Stop trying to keep up and compare yourself to everyone else and run your own race. We all have our own plans for life and some are more grandiose than others. Letting shiny things catch your eye and avert your attention from your true goals is senseless. Your 20's are a time of growth more than a time of prosperity.

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