You are what you Eat…What’s on your plate?

My friends and I always use this new common slang “everybody eats”, it means that everyone is doing well or progressing in life, but how well are we all “eating”? It’s always good to be honest with others, but it is of the utmost importance to be honest with yourself. We can feel at times like we are not fullfiling our life’s purpose or aren’t really doing anything at all. I myself have these moments where I feel static or motionless.

In these times I do my best to find a quiet place to sit down to look at my “plate”. The proverbial plate I’m referring to comes from the all too common saying “ I’ve got a lot on my plate”. I take an honest assessment and see what is on mine. Am I eating well? or am I becoming malnourished? Are there some things that I could do without? Is there something missing?

All things in life are about balance and moderation. You can have and enjoy things but too much of anything can be detrimental to your wellbeing. Even things essential to life, like water, must be consumed in moderation.

We don’t want a heavy plate overburdened with filler and we don’t want an empty plate with only the essentials because for the most part, we are taught to be ambitious.

What you want is for it to be well balanced. Don’t go looking at another persons plate to find out what yours should look like either. In this scenario we all create our own of all different shapes and sizes. The amount of food an individual can put on theirs unique to them, and so will the way in which they place the food on it. So again, I say don’t go looking at anyone else’s !

Find out what works best for you, take that food back to the table and enjoy the meal, finish all of your food and make sure to chew thoroughly to get all the nutrients (by which I mean knowledge) you can from the meal.

Once you’re done with that serving you can always go and have seconds. There is no rule that says you only get one meal in life. You are going to have many meals in many different places; learning along the way what you do want or like, and what you would rather not have. Some things that you need, you may not want, and some things you want, you may not need.Remember this when you’re going back for seconds, because if you don’t, you will eventually run out of room.

Oh, and one last thing, you will probably have an accident and break your plate a few times, cool thing is you can always make a new one, and even make it better!

Lifes “plate” is different for every person, there are so many things you want to try/do (food) and so many different choices you have to make, but don’t overload yours. Be patient and enjoy each meal. Share your experience with your friends so they can possibly try that food in the future and always be honest about how much you can eat at one time.

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