Airbnb’s racism problem is much bigger than a few racist hosts.
David Robinson

Never thought that such a service like AirBnB could be used to cause segregation through online booking systems. That’s a pity! While the service seems such a handy one, the onus of civilised behaviour falls on the property owner. The story starts there and ends there.

On a commercial venture of such global scale, perhaps it may be useful to expose those who discriminate on a gender or race basis. If the property enters a commercial rental proposition then it must follow the rule of law. The discriminator ( the seller of space) must become answerable the general public. Let AirBnB have an additional platform where disgruntled customers who felt discriminated against -be shamed. You bet, pretty soon the property owner will not discriminate anymore. Social media will kill the owners bias rather quickly.

If a room ( or whatever) is rented out in the public space it becomes public property and is no more attached to colour, race or shape or size! The owner becomes the ‘caretaker’ and must do everything possible to keep the renter happy and without discrimination- whatsoever. To overcome the problem with names, encrypt the name and do not show any background of the possible renter or the rental property on display. That way it is an open lottery.

All must have equal access to the rental property and owners will not be able to cherry-pick who they want or don’t want.

I feel the system will sort itself out pretty quickly when information is neutralised through encryption! When all ( both owners and renters are neutralised) in this system we will produce an equitable society. A bit harsh I know- but heck- is there a better way to do this?

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