Making Better Choices vs. Boycotting

I think that, with all the talk surrounding ways to make the SFA listen to fans who would like a national game that has integrity, there has been murmurings of ‘boycotting’ of the games sponsors.

I myself put out a tweet listing the ones I’d avoid, but I think I need to go further and clarify that I would never say to boycott anything as that, for me, is a very personal choice.

I love a Sausage and Egg McMuffin, but if I’m going for one and see a Burger King I will definitely pause to think ‘do I want it enough vs. something from Burger King?’.

I might still go and get that Sausage and Egg McMuffin, but over a longer period of time, the amount that I would buy would decrease because of me making better choices.

If I see a tweet promoting the game as it stands from a sponsor, then I’ll probably make the choice to rip it into them for not having the best interests of the game at heart. I won’t be abusive. I’ll just make the choice not to swallow content which isn’t affecting a cancer in the Scottish Game.

More directly I love Adidas and won’t stop buying stuff from them, but I will probably not buy the next Scotland Strip — something I’ve not done since I’ve earned my own money,

So please, I’d never say boycott as it’s not my place. But what I would say is make better choices, make the ones that suit you and if everyone does that then the sum of all the little parts will make up something bigger.

Just my thoughts.


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