How to prepare for gate/ies in India

Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE is an examination is a major entrance exam. It is conducted jointly by the Indian Institute of Science and seven Indian Institute of Technologies. It is aimed at testing a graduate’s knowledge and concept of various courses of an undergraduate degree in engineering and science. GATE score is used for applying for admission to Doctoral courses or Postgraduate courses. The score is also used for selection as CSIR- JRF. Other than these, GATE scores are valid for securing PSU jobs.

Indian Engineering Services or IES are civil services. Candidates selected through IES take care of the technical and managerial of the Government of India. Based on the merits, the Civil servants are recruited. The positions in the middle management in the bureaucracy are filled by conducting competitive exams. Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the recruitment exam. This exam is known as Engineering Services Examination (ESE).

These exams are extremely competitive and require intense preparations. Every year millions of people appear for this exam. Cut-offs for PSU, GATE, and IES have been consistently high over the past few years. Thus, proper preparation is extremely important for these exams.

Let us take a look at the different ways to prepare for these examinations.


Self-preparation, as the name suggests, is preparing oneself without the help of any coaching or tutors. The aspirant who chooses the self-preparation method gathers resources and study by themselves. In this method, the aspirant has to collect all the resources himself/ herself. These resources are either online or offline. The aspirant undertakes the entire process of studying and preparing without any formal coaching. The aspirant makes a GATE or IES preparation timetable for himself/ herself and follows it. In short, the aspirant is self-responsible for the entire design, planning, and execution of the preparation program he/ she has designed for himself/ herself.

This method is effective but only if the aspirant is very confident. Also, the aspirant must know how to analyze patterns from ESE or GATE previous year question papers and do SMART studying. In most cases, self-studying is not enough. So kind of formal coaching is required by a majority of the aspirants. The coaching not only acts as a guide but also help in increasing the effective productivity as well as the efficiency of the aspirants.

This brings us to the second method


Formal coaching is guided coaching that can either be online or offline. In this method, the aspirants are guided by trained professionals. These professionals include experienced faculties from premier institution and toppers of GATE and ESE exams. Along with this, a dedicated team of experts analyses the ESE or GATE previous year question papers to forecast questions that have more probability of appearing in the upcoming examination.

Regular tests are conducted, and the aspirants are also taught how to solve those questions efficiently and more effectively. Aspirants learn to manage the critical factors like time, question selection, etcetera. During these formal coaching sessions.

A big name in the preparatory coaching or education sector for ESE and GATE examination is MADE EASY. This institution is not only the leader in this sector but has high success rates, in terms of students successfully scoring high in the above exams. Moreover, the institute has offline classroom courses as well as online test series. The students have the flexibility to opt for any. Both the classroom courses and the online test series are exceptionally well designed. They provide the students will all the necessary resources and training to be successful in scoring very high marks in the ESE and GATE examinations. Over the years MADE EASY students have consistently scored high and topped these exams. Most of the students have cleared the set cut-offs by PSU, GATE, and IES with ease.

Let us look deeply into these courses by MADE EASY.


Conducted to prepare an aspirant for ESE or GATE examination, it serves as a platform for the aspirant to judge their knowledge as well as an understanding of the subject. It also lets the aspirants judge other examination related skills like time management, etcetera.

MADE EASY is one of the premier online test series providers. The test series has a high reputation. Students who want to achieve success by scoring high in GATE, ESE, CSE, PSU, etcetera. Opt for this exam. MADE EASY has continuously produced toppers in these examinations. The MADE EASY online test series has always enabled the aspirants to achieve without fear.

The online test designed based on the present trend of the examination. The R&D division carefully designed every test paper. Their faculty consists of professors from the premier institutes as toppers of GATE and ESE. The standard of the examination resembles that of the actual examination. Moreover, video solutions are provided by the senior faculties.


Engineering Mathematics, Verbal Ability, Numerical Ability and Technical subjects, according to the syllabus of GATE 2019, are included in this test. The total number of online tests are 54 in number. These are further are divided into 5 sections: Topic-wise test, Single subject test, Multiple subject test, Full syllabus test and GATE mock test.


General Studies, Engineering Aptitude, and Technical Subjects, according to the ESE 2019 syllabus, are included in it. The total number of tests that are going to be conducted by MADE EASY are 34. These tests are divided into 4 sections: Part Syllabus Tests G.S & Engg. Aptitude (Paper 1), Part Syllabus Tests Engg. Discipline (Paper 2), Full Syllabus Tests G.S & Engg Aptitude (Paper 1) and Part Syllabus Tests Engg. Discipline (Paper 2).


MADE EASY conducts offline classroom courses for preparing aspirants of GATE examinations and ESE. There are six different types of classes are available. All these courses have sub-options, that is, Regular and Weekend. All these courses are designed for preparing the aspirants to the best. All subjects are taught from scratch to advanced level. The faculties are highly experienced professors. Importance is given equally on theory as well as numerical. The teaching methodology is developed by the R&D team of MADE EASY. It consists of advanced techniques required to face competitive examinations.

The six different courses available are:

  1. ESE + GATE (Winter and Summer Batches)
  2. ESE + GATE — 2 years Classroom Course (Winter and Summer Batches)
  3. ESE Exclusive: G.S. & Engineering Aptitude
  4. GATE Exclusive (Winter and Summer Batches)
  5. GATE Exclusive — 2 years Classroom Course (Winter and Summer Batches)
  6. GATE Exclusive- 70 Days Summer Course (For College-Going Students)

There are two more special courses offered by MADE EASY.

a. Super Talent Batches:

Regular classroom course batches designed for students with an excellent academic record and have also secured good ranks in national level examinations like GATE/ ESE. Batches are conducted only at Delhi.

b.Rank Improvement Batches:

Designed for students who want to improve their GATE or ESE rank. It provides the students with more practice by focusing on numerical so that they can improve their rank in the next exam. Exclusive workbooks are supplied and focused on. This course helps the aspirants to bridge the gap and achieve a better rank in the upcoming examination.


  • IES and GATE questions are a mixture of easy, average and challenging questions. Understanding the concepts are extremely necessary to solve the questions. Thus, do not memorize everything but try to understand the concepts.
  • Solve subjective questions. This will help in concept grabbing as well as in discovering tricks to solve questions easily and in short.
  • Constant revision is a must. The brain forgets easily, and so one must revise the studies materials after regular intervals of time.
  • Make your surroundings comfortable. This will help reduce your mental and physical stresses. This, in turn, will aid productive studying.
  • Strict timetables are useless. Study whenever you feel like studying and stop when you do not feel like studying anymore. Forcing yourself to study will only add to unproductive studying.
  • Do not waste time reading books by foreign authors. These books are advanced and used at research levels. Therefore, for basic knowledge and understanding stick to books by Indian Authors.
  • If you have trouble studying at home, go to a library. The atmosphere is better and focused in a library. This will help you concentrate better and study more productively.
  • Take optimum help from online videos like NPTEL and others. Use these as required and do not over-rely on them. That can be harmful. Used a mixed form of study.
  • Practice, practice, and practice. The saying “Practice Makes A Man Perfect” is perfectly true.
  • Solve previous year question papers. Try to establish a pattern.
  • Study SMART.
  • Prevent over studying. Adequate sleep or rest is a must for the brain to remember everything. It is required to refresh your mind as well and keep it healthy.