Announcement regarding the BCH hard fork scheduled on 15th of November 2018

According to a scheduled protocol upgrade, Bitcoin Cash will effectively hard fork to Bitcoin ABC around 4.40pm GMT on November 15. Multiple blockchains may result from the fork as the Bitcoin Cash community seems to be divided on which specifications the fork should adopt.

Gatecoin is planning to support Bitcoin ABC only, following the roadmap announced by Bitcoin Cash originally. Any other chain resulting of the hard fork will not be listed on the exchange. We will not support any potential different chain than Bitcoin ABC.

In order to handle this fork on Gatecoin, deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin Cash will be halted 12 hours before the fork is due to begin, around 4.40am GMT on November 15, e.g. 12.40pm HKT, or 5.40am CET. You should not expect to ever be credited of any forked coin corresponding to another chain. If you wish to hold custody of the eventual alternative coins created after the fork, you should withdraw your BCH before the halt of withdrawals.

We will closely monitor the fork and when we believe the network has stabilized and is secure to transact again we will resume the transfer services for BCH. This will take at least 24h and could take up to days depending on the competition between the miners of the two chains. The BCH ticker available on Gatecoin will directly correspond to the Bitcoin ABC chain. You will be able to send Bitcoin ABC coins to your Gatecoin BCH address upon reopening of the services for BCH. Coins resulting from alternative chains will be lost should you send them to your Gatecoin BCH deposit address.

Other trading activities on Gatecoin will be unaffected during this time.