France: Islamists Target Transportation Companies

by Yves Mamou
December 1, 2016

French companies try to cope with Islamism in its two modes: the soft one — veils spreading throughout every office, an increase in lawsuits against employers on religious grounds; and the hard one — terrorism and threats of Islamic terrorism.

According to the French satirical weekly, Le Canard Enchaîné, in October, 40 Air France plane fuel hatches were covered in graffiti stating: “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is Greatest”). Citing anti-terror police, the magazine reported that airplane functions had been deliberately tampered with and that the pilots’ communications and engine control from the cockpit kept failing.

This repeated sabotage of several planes was spotted thanks to standardized safety checks. A quick police investigation identified an employee of Air France to be the responsible party. The problem: this French convert to Islam, knowing he was under suspicion, already left the country. He is now said to “be a refugee in Yemen, while his wife continues to lead an Islamic school near Orly [another airport close to Paris].” Added to this, Air France computer systems were hacked: Last Christmas, security announcements on a Paris-Amsterdam flight were programmed to be automatically delivered in Arabic. A computer bug, Air France said.

The Geovision system that allows Air France passengers to follow their route on a world map has been hacked twice. As a consequence, Israel was wiped off the map and replaced by “Gaza.” Finally, in another recent incident, a ramp agent refused to guide a plane that had just landed, on the grounds that the captain was a woman.

(Image source: Pawel Kierzkowski/Wikimedia Commons)

Of course, Air France’s public relations department has denied all of the press reports, and claimed they were “unfounded rumors or events out of context.” It is also possible, in fact, that many of the 40 planes were vandalized at airports in North Africa.

It is not the first time that Air France and Aeroports de Paris (AdP), the company that manages Parisian airports, have been the target of Islamists threats. On December 12, 2015, Philippe Martinez, head of the powerful CGT union, declared on France Info public radio, that these “Islamist deviations” were “unacceptable.”

“At Air France, we have excluded from the ranks of our union all people of this [Islamist] type… We fired them at a cost, because we lost first place at the professional elections [of delegates in each company]. We have fired 500 CGT card-holders in this affair.”

Martinez implied — with no real explanation — that his union had been the target of a successful infiltration maneuver.

“You know how things go… One [Islamist] leader comes, he takes his CGT card, and then he makes all the others take their card.”

“All the others” were 500 people in a CGT union with 2000 card-holders at Charles de Gaulle Airport. CGT for years remained the most important union for Air France, because Muslims employees vote on sectarian grounds for Muslim CGT delegates. For years, CGT easily won professional elections. But at the end of the process, the CGT confederation had lost power within an Air France union totally controlled by Islamists.

In 2011, Air France’s Islamist CGT union tried to impose halal meat on all employees — Muslims and non-Muslims alike — at the restaurant for ground employees at Charles de Gaulle Airport. This halal operation failed because all other unions (not infiltrated by Islamists) strongly campaigned against it.

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