Doug Nussmeier Engineers Worst Offensive Game Plan in Years

Luke del Rio looked like a mess in and out of the pocket, the offensive line struggled all day, the receivers dropped passes or couldn’t work open, yet the ineptitude of the game plan and play calling by Doug Nussmeier is what really stands out in tonight’s 31–10 loss to Arkansas.

The Gators OC called for 40 pass plays versus 11 run plays. This against a team that gave 543 yards on the ground last week. That’s just negligent, especially with the way the Gators line dominated against Georgia. Jordan Scarlett was entrusted with just five carries after a bruising 26 against Georgia. This was on par with Steve Addazio calling zone reads with John Brantley at quarterback bad. Del Rio was worse than the stats indicate (if possible), but starting the first road game of his career, the Razorbacks dared him and Nussmeier into beating them; the Gators fell right into that hole.

In sum, the Gators offense felt like the Little Giants.

One yard gainers felt like Super Bowl victories, with high fives aplenty. First downs were downright miraculous. Sustained drives during meaningful parts of the game simply didn’t exist.

The defense was not much better, with DC Geoff Collins constantly outflanked by his counterpart on Arkansas. But, when the offense struggles to put drives together, it makes it especially hard to get rest and make adjustments on the defensive side. Add a bevy of injuries, and the defensive issues were more excusable. On top of that, the defense has earned the benefit of the doubt.

Gator Nation gets mad about losses. But nothing sends us over the edge quite like being boring, especially on offense. Tonight, we got both.

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