Nothing escapes from a black hole, and now astronomers have proof
Ethan Siegel

According to Einstein, gravity is caused by a warping of spacetime. That is not true. If black holes exist, it means the Universe is in an unbalanced state. Einstein did not believe in black holes. Einstein believes the Universe is always in balance. Einstein is known to admire the balance of the Universe.

We need to think about gravity in the large scale of the universe and in relation with balance of Universe. Gravity not only a force that any two bodies in universe attract each other, but gravity is the force due to the effects of well balance Universe.

What exactly is gravity?

How did our Universe get to be so homogenous, beautiful and special? Gravity is the builder of the balance Universe and all the celestial bodies

How did the structure of Earth’s atmosphere get to be so regular? The formation of Earth’s atmosphere was caused by Earth’s gravity.

Gravity isn’t merely the law of attraction; Earth’s gravity is the builder of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Gravity compresses the Earth’s atmosphere; it creates air pressure- the driving force of wind. Without gravity, there would be no atmosphere or air pressure and thus, no wind. Its mean there would be no life at the Earth.

Planet’s gravity is the builder of planet’s atmosphere.

No such thing as substance called ‘space and time’ or ‘spacetime’ in the Universe; but atmospheric medium of the massive bodies.

New evidence has been found: Einstein’s general relativity doesn’t meet requirements principles of scientific method.

Hawking is right about black holes.

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