Seven things you must anticipate for the 2017 solar eclipse
Ethan Siegel

Aha yes, in the right places you will hear crickets and tree frogs singing and their voice very beautiful, here:

It was said that Einstein predicting double the Newtonian amount, but actually Newton himself never predicts it.

“..a very bright star right next to the Sun: Regulus, whose position will be slightly distorted owing to General Relativity..”

When observation of star is made from the Earth as Einstein said ”so that the picture of the stars would be visible for the observers on earth …”; then the result is bending of light by layer of Earth’s atmosphere, not bending of light by gravity / the Sun. Bending of light by gravity/the Sun can be obtained when the observation is made from space with spacecraft.

According to general relativity, deviation of Regulus should be about 1.75 sec.arc. I’m trying to predict the bending of light (Regulus) at the maximum 2017 solar eclipse in USA, the altitude of the Sun / Moon is about 63.8 °; bending of light (Regulus) is about 3.3 minutes or 198.00 sec.arc. That’s more than 100 times greater than Einstein’s prediction.

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