How could a Small Warped Spacetime Orbits a Large Warped Spacetime?

I know there are a lot of priests teaching the mysterious things they do not understand, and cosmologist does the same thing.

Have you ever wondered why the Earth orbits around the Sun was illustrated with the warping of spacetime? Have you wondered why this illustration doesn’t picture the Moon orbits the Earth? Here’s a look at what makes the illustration is not complete and seems illogical.

This illustration doesn’t picture the Moon orbits the Earth- GRAVITY IS THE CURVATURE OF SPACETIME-Image from Nova.Org.Au

Here’s a look at the Moon is pictured orbits around the Earth.

A small warped of spacetime orbits a large of spacetim, it seems so logical, or not.

The warping of spacetime

In 1915 Einstein introduced the world to the idea of general relativity. At his theory on general relativity, Einstein concluded that the light just as other material objects, moved in curve if gravity field of an object was massive. General relativity states that gravity is nothing about force. It describes the behaviour of objects in a gravitational field -the planets, for example -not in terms of ‘ attraction ‘ but simply in terms of the paths they follow. To Einstein, gravitation is simple part of inertia; the movement of the stars and the planets arise from their inherent inertia; and the courses they follow are determined by the metric properties of space -or, more properly speaking, the warped of spacetime.

Unfortunately, Einstein doesn’t explain the connection between the warped of spacetime with the atmospheric medium around the massive bodies. Atmospheric medium of the Sun and Earth are real. It seems so logical, or not; when the Earth orbits around the Sun, can be pictured as seen in the illustration above. There are two warped spacetime, a small warped of spacetime and a large of spacetime; and a small warped of spacetime orbits a large of spacetime.

Spacetime grips mass, telling it how to move… Mass grips spacetime, telling it how to curve (Physicist John Wheeler)-NovaOrgAu

If that is true, so a small warping spacetime orbits a large warping spacetime; and million of large warping spacetime orbits a very large spacetime.

Warped spacetime orbits warped spacetime. A joke?
Spacetime is a mathematical model which has no relation to reality.

Imagine, then, according to Karl Schwarzschild, if the star’s volume shrinks down to critical size, the star’s mass warps spacetime so extremely that the curvature of spacetime measured at the star’s surface is infinite. Surprisingly, the Schwarzchild singularity is not actually a singularity in the terms defined by modern physics. Instead, it describes the “horizon” of an entity known as a “black hole”. Anything that crosses the horizon and falls into the hole becomes forever trapped, with no information able to escape from within the hole’s walls. In particular, no light can escape past the horizon, hence the name “black hole”.

Colliding black holes

A black hole: the Schwarzchild singularity according to Kip Thorne

As a small black hole orbits a larger black hole, it creates gravitational waves which carry all the information required to describe the warped spacetime around the two holes, the so-called “spacetime map”.

The so-called “spacetime map”.: A small black hole orbiting a large black hole

Two black holes collide, actually, is very interesting story. You can read more this story here: Catching waves with Kip Thorne

When black holes collide, they make a sound.No human has ever heard the sound of a gravitational wave. No instrument has indisputably recorded one.(Janna Levin)

A physics professor said that given Einstein’s status as a popular icon, there are countless people who wish to prove him wrong, even among scientists with degrees to their names. Does that mean one can not reveal Einstein’s fault, although the evidence and fact had been found that his theory is invalid?

I think, it doesn’t matter people wish to prove him wrong with the goal to their reputation or not, because many people will test the findings. If the findings are incorrect, it will further enhance Einstein’s status as a popular icon. If the findings are correct, it has very important for the future generations of scientists.That’s really very important for the future generations of scientists; but no one has paid attention yet.

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