Startup – A Roller Coaster Ride

Hello and welcome to my first blog on Medium.

“Being in a startup is exactly like being in a roller coaster in which not only there are a million ups amd downs but also you have no FREAKIN idea whats coming next.”

Few months ago i was told this by my mentor/friend, this is soooo EFFFIN true! Startup, Enterpeneurship, Businessman they all seem sooo sexy and cool to people but when you jump into this so called sexy ride you get to know how scary it is that there is not even a single day that goes by without you shitting in your pants.

I immigrated to Canada three years ago with a mindset so typical that you graduate from school, find a job, get married, have kids, buy a house, settle your kids and then you die. While i was fighting with myself to get rid of the culture shock i jumped off the cliff and decided to go on a journey to become an Entrepreneur. :-$

“I think you have lost it my son”; my dad’s perspective. But he will soon understand that you have to risk it to get the biscuit. Parents get worried but you have get out of the bubble to face the realities of life.

AirLoop!!!! My passion, my journey, my new born baby and my scary roller coaster ride which in simple words is digital engagement and loyalty program that helps our merchant partners to turn there customers into enduring relationships.

Indeed creating something out of nothing is just sooo addictive and beautiful and brings you close to your Lord.

I am the third pillar of the company and part of most exciting and toughest thing I have ever tried in my life.

I am not afraid of failures but I am afraid of not trying to learn from life and I am afraid to just live a life of a swipe card that got swipped in the bizarre process amd then left the world with no impact in life.

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