Embedded display screen stories

Exciting things happen when virtual and physical worlds collide. QUT Creative Industries’ new learning and teaching facility in Brisbane features studio spaces for dance, music, drama, visual arts and other creative disciplines. It embodies digital practice through 22 linked digital displace screens. These screens have become living portals into the digital zeitgeist.

The screens use a combination of Videro and Stackla to aggregate and display Instagram and Twitter posts based on the hashtag #QUTcreate. The hashtag content appears as embedded virtual content on our No Walls content platform, as well as on the new building’s display screens.

With 2016 first-semester classes having just finished, I thought a chronological review of our #QUTcreate display screen stories was in order.

The following embedded social media content is a visual documentation of the opening of our new studio learning and teaching facility. The content first started as a virtual documentation through Twitter, before transitioning on to our display screens as the system came alive in March.

Leading the documentation was head of Media, Entertainment and Creative Arts studies at QUT, Greg Jenkins.

The building entered its final construction phase in February:

In March staff and visitors began to enter the building and explore its six levels:

By mid-March staff were setup in the new building, classes had started, and we began testing the display screens’ capabilities:

The first post from a student account appeared in April, much to my excitement:

Greg continued his tidal wave of visual posts to keep the display screen content machine fed and help people understand they could post content to it:

We started to introduce Instagram video content:

By mid-April, the student content started to pick up, becoming increasingly more informal in tone as the students tested concepts and saw their content appear on the screens:

By late April, the fun and creativity was in full swing:

Things started to become meta, with people taking photos of the display screens and sharing them via the hashtag:

As exams drew nearer in May, the pressure started to affect some students:

People attending external events took advantage of the hashtag, sharing activities taking place outside the building, extending the hashtag community:

On one weekend, Greg Jenkins took over the display screen content to manage and showcase an interdisciplinary performance event:

Towards the end of the semester, stress gave way to celebration:

It’s now mid-semester and the screens have gone relatively quiet. I look forward to seeing how students use social media content next semester to express themselves, share their passion and have fun.