I am truly proud to mark our business anniversary each year like this.

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Today, I feel happy. I walk to work each morning. I bring my doggies with me. I wear shorts and Dri-fit and am genuinely in love with what I do for a living. I don’t have a boss on the contrary work with the smartest nicest people that I know. Thank You Pragmites!

I knew I would be an Internet Entrepreneur at 14 when I earned my first Online Paycheck. And the day the check arrived I became a believer.

Fast-forwarding to a few years later.

We (my dad and I) started Pragmites in 2007. …

Why entrepreneurs love having “cheat-sheets” guides and reduced photocopies to make it through the wonder years.

School days were fun. You joked, you played you made friends and all in all, had a gala time. When it was down to exams, either you were nerdy and had some awesome discipline as a child and studied all through the year. Your homework was done, you got great grades in projects and other extracurricular activities.

If you related to that, buddy, let me stop you right there, this is probably not for you.

This blog post, is written for those lazy-ass backbenchers, class jokers and the other characters that made school really fun. No matter what the problem, there was always a way out of trouble, whether it was having an innocent face, and incredible smile or more likely, having the perfect art of putting your head down pointed towards the floor and saying, sorrrry sir…


Husband to Medha. Boss at Work .Business Excites, Whiskey Entertains. Playing with My Doggie Bam Bam features high up in my Priorities

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