Places of Interest in Lombok

Lombok is a rare and largely hidden gem that not many people have on their travel bucket list. We discovered that the place offers so many fun opportunities to explore and relax.

The Gili Islands

One of the first places of interest in Lombok is the group of islands, called Gili Islands. The three islands each have their own unique charm and go by the names Meno, Air and Trawangan. You can explore the nightlife, water sport or just the tranquility of the islands while you are in Lombok. You can’t help but use all the clichés of white sand, palms, and turquoise water while at Gili. Trawangan has a vibrant party scene, while Air is known for its local flavour. Meno is for those who love the idea of losing themselves in a far-away island!

Kuta beach

While in Lombok, don’t miss out on visiting the Kuta beach. The Kuta area is Lombok’s southern coast. The beaches here are known for their white sands, the wave for surfing and the water here is clear. A great holiday location if you are into swimming or surfing.

Another touristy spot you have to visit is the resort and beach town of Senggigi, where there are discos, bars, cafes, and fabulous beaches for swimming.

Trek to Mt Rinjani

If you are in Lombok, you surely must not miss out on the Mt Rinjani, which is the second tallest volcanic peak in Indonesia at over 3,700 m. Rinjani is partially active and you can go on a trek to catch views of the Segara Anak Lake. You can watch the entire island of Lombok below, and take in the sights of the hot springs around the lake.

If you are into spirituality, a visit to the Pura Lingsar complex is a must. Set amidst paddy fields, the site was built in the 18th century. There is a temple for Hindus, and one for those who follow the Wekti Telu faith.

Lombok fact file

Getting to Lombok from Bali is hardly an issue, and takes a bare 30 minutes by flight. There are also many ‘fast boats’ between Lombok and Bali. Accommodation is hardly an issue; there are resorts and hotels in Lombok in plenty. There are also good 5 star hotels in Lombok apart from budget accommodation.

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(Originally posted on wordpress on 28st July 2016)