Are you still stuck at reading/watching motivational stuff?

The next big business!
Everyday, you think to lead the life of your dreams, do what you love, be someone you want to be. But, how many are actually leading that rosy life. If I am not wrong, hardly 1% of actual dreamers. What about the rest 99%? Are they stuck somewhere? Yes, they are…

Don’t you think, if you would have wanted anything bad enough, you might have possibly sorted a way out. You would have been working on your idea. Your beliefs must have repudiated the crap around. And, the time you spend to motivate yourself should have been converted to work and you might have fulfilled or somewhere clinging to your dream in reality.

No doubt, it requires courage and self determination to come out of your comfort zone and start from the scratch. More than that, it requires to overcome the fear of failure. What if the new thing doesn’t work out? What if I lose my current job? How my family & friends will react? What, if I become bankrupt? What people will think about me? And, we try multiple things to overcome these fears. We read inspirational quotes, watch motivational lectures etc. That is alright. But, till when, we will keep doing this? Can you believe, people spend years and years before they actually start taking steps towards their dreams.

I am not denying the fact that you don’t require motivation at all. But spending hours to motivate yourself everyday and just thinking to take the first step is futile.

Your actions have to back up your ambition — Gary Vaynerchuk

Its your dream, you have to work for it.

Go,get it.

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