How could hyper-local platforms connect local people?

People are almost unknown to the term hyper-local. Hyper-local is the synonym of local.

Hyper-local/local platforms are meant to provide a common space to connect local people to chat,buy & sell things/services.

Uber is the perfect example of hyper-local platforms. Although it is used for individual use, but still it connects you with a taxi driver in the local space.

In the similar way, there are other platforms that connect you with local eating joints, shopping centers, petrol pumps etc.

Hyper-local platforms are important, because they provide easy and quick way to find things/services/people in the local place. There are numerous applications to meet people or find items in your locality.

One such application is Pollen Chat. Pollen Chat provides a common platform to connect with local people, find local deals/events/items/services.

If you are new in the city, these platforms are best suited to get you known to your locality/people/things.
Use Hyper-local, Stay Connected!