She came in the dark
and settled in the sky.
Silent went the streets
and the breeze came by.

She made the scene so beautiful
but there was a void to be filled.
Suddenly nothing was meaningful
and her eyes brimmed.

Days passed, the void came and went,
but its hollowness was always felt.
Though her face appeared pretty,
she felt sad, lone and empty.

She would come and go;
her charm stopped to grow.
Everyone looked at her and said
"Who took away your glow?"

She knew it wasn't gone,
time gave her all the clues.
She told them," It's right here,
only it's hidden in the blues."

One fine day, she lit up a bit
A white curve sat on the dusk.
His light was thin
but he brought her a grin.

Suddenly everything became complete
and her eyes brimmed again.
This time her drops twinkled with glee,
spread as stars, wiped all her pain.

Her wait was over,
she found her mate.
The longing made her stronger
and meeting him was her fate.

Soon crescent became a circle,
the MOON made her bright.
The sky was no more dismal,
the void bid a bye to dear NIGHT.

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