Storms of the Night Sky

Restless fires burn their way out 
Trying to hide the winds away

The silent winter nods its passing 
The sky keeps glowing, like a great old tale

While in wonder, the calm derails
The storm is close, the cold descends

The clouds are marching in whispers
Messengers of water, friends of the air

They’ve sent word for the shining
That strikes a bolt from the heavens

Thunder and might resonate the call
Waiting to explode, from a chasm in the sky

The clouds are winding to the highest scale
Sensing within, a rapturous awakening

In the blink of an eye, in the weep of a cry
Like a wave of life, dropping to the earth

A moment so monumental
The music, so violently divine

The grandest of the age-old symphonies
A ballad that sends a thousand shudders

Revel in nature’s greatest orchestra
An event that lights up 
The wild, rainy, endless nights