What makes me happy

I’ve learnt that taking time out and settling your own peace, finding your own silence, in the depths of thought where you can talk to yourself — that’s what lets you listen to what really makes you happy.

Without any limitations, without any boundaries, without the fear of being criticized, without the worry of not being good enough. Far from the phobias of failing, flying far away from the clouds of sadness — we all want to be in a place where we can call ourselves positive, and happy, and find it in complete truth. In all of the words I know, these are my favourite words. They might not be ornaments in language, but every thought that I think, and every line that I write, I will decorate with them.

Finding Happiness

In the little things in life, in every experience that adds learning, in every conversation that is enriching, in every sport that excites me, in every bit of love that I am given, I find my happiness, and I am complete when I know that I’m fortunate to have all of it. Nothing makes me happier than being aware of the so many different things that contribute to my happiness. Maybe we lose sight of seeing it sometimes, but it’s always there. The goodness is prevalent. The bad times, the negativity — you might just end up riding on a path where you find them, but it’s best to look away, ignore, and move on.

Happiness is a full meal, and nothing should come in the way — and the best part, it gets better when there is company. To finding people you love, and then loving them truly and completely — I’m not sure of all the materialistic hopes people have on life — but whatever happens or doesn’t happen in my life — I shall love, and hope to be loved. That is the greatest happiness of them all.

Being a sensitive person has it’s pros and cons. Emotionally and philosophically, you tend to over analyse actions, opinions, even feelings. There’s a hidden happiness in being like this. To be completely aware and conscious of the world around you! It sometimes troubles me how people live lives on the surface, merely existing and not really making use of the opportunity of life and the power of thought.

To be completely evolved from the contempt of this world, and have thoughts in mind that always give you an intimate happiness. That is what I seek in totality. The kind of complete freedom and liberation from a dragging negativity that is embedded in our cultures and lifestyles.

When there’s a rush of imagination and emotions, and the thrill of being fascinated by how much there is to do in life. I am truly happy when my thought processes get excited over a simple thoughtful poem, or a truly amazing film, or a sport of intense competition.

When it’s difficult to be calm to not understand and acknowledge the effort that someone would have gone through to create a beautiful piece of technology. When I have a conversation that lets me convey these thoughts, I feel happier for having found one more person who gets me. Such conversations happen rarely, and magical are the things that don’t happen often.