My speech to staff for Sendible’s 7th birthday

Thank you all for coming!

Looking back

So, people often ask me how I started Sendible. For those of you who know the full story, I won’t bore you with the details. For those of you don’t, please come to me after and I’ll tell you how it started. The idea goes back more than 7 years, when I wanted to create a free messaging platform (combining social, email and SMS) that allowed businesses to place ads in users’ messages. The idea was to have an online company generating a bit of revenue on the side and I never imagined it could come to any more than that.

We have come a long way since then! As most people know, I started Sendible from a room in my flat, running on an old server I had purchased for £10. The server was connected to a router and served hundreds of users worldwide. Every time we had to restart the router, the site would go down! People often ask me how it feels having seen Sendible grow from literally an idea to a proper business. I usually say I’m always looking forward and never really look back. But I think it’s important at times like these, to stop sometimes and look at where we’ve come from and what we’ve achieved.

I think for me personally, the most amazing thing is to see how we’ve grown from literally nothing, to a growing team with thousands of customers. It’s really amazing that with a small team and limited resources, we’ve been able to compete with the big boys who have hundreds of millions of pounds in funding.

How we got here

I was thinking, what has been the driving force of Sendible over these years, especially since most startups fail. How have we been able to do this? And I think it really comes down to the core values of the team.

Every single person in the team has a massive part to play and we all have the same values, where the customer always comes first.

I also think it comes back to my initial goals for founding the business. Freedom. We are all committed to making a difference in the world and creating tools to give our customers freedom. Freedom to do more with their time! We also value the freedom we have to make decisions that help move the company forward. We have no one to answer to, besides our users. There are no investors telling us what to do. We have the freedom to do anything we want and achieve something great. And I think we’re only just getting started!

Where are we now?

As a social media management software company, with a vision to be the leading global platform for businesses to manage their social media, we are only at the start of our journey. If you look at how far we’ve come with such a small team, I truly believe that this is only the beginning. With 12 people having joined the company within the last 2 years, and 15 people who have been here for 3 years or less, who knows where we’ll be in the next 3 years. With such a talented team and a powerful core product, our future is bright!

What’s next?

The team we have in place now are going to be future leaders in the company and I look forward to growing the company together with all of you.

Thank you’s

I’d like to thank a few special people who have helped us get to where we are today. To start off with, the two longest serving employees, Johnny & Alex.

Firstly Johnny. I’m not sure what made him want to come work for one guy in a tiny office 4 years ago, but he must’ve seen something in the business. Johnny — I just want to thank you for believing in me and seeing something I possibly didn’t at the time! Thanks for sticking by the company during those early days! This is for Johnny.

Alex — you are the only other person to be with the company for more than 3 years. I’m not sure how we would’ve managed without all the backend support you’ve helped with. You are also the only other person who fully understands Sendible’s core messaging system. Thank you for your loyalty over the years and also for believing in the idea. I’m looking forward to working with you over the next 3 years, and to see what we’ve achieved by our 10th birthday party. Please come up and collect your gift.

From reading sites like Techcrunch and Mashable, I always thought you needed to raise millions of pounds in funding to get a tech business off the ground. Unfortunately, because I thought getting investment equaled success, I was taken advantage of in the beginning and gave away part of the company for free. I lost motivation and was so close to just shutting down the business, but Paul came to the rescue and helped fix my mistakes. Paul — thanks for all your support and guidance over the years. This is for you…

I’d also like to thank Harry, who helped me get the business registered in the beginning and has seen it grow from £4000 in annual revenue to where it is today. Harry gave me all the advice I needed to get going. Thanks for all the tips and bits of advice you’ve given me over the years. Harry — this is for you…

Martine — Thanks for giving me the support to start Sendible. When I quit my job and I told her we would have no income for a while, she somehow gave me the boost I needed to make me believe that things would work out. Thanks for always being so supportive over the years while I built this company from nothing and allowing me to follow my passion

Lastly, thanks to everyone who currently works here or who has worked here in the past.

Everyone here has a huge part to play in creating a special culture that can’t be found elsewhere and I’m so proud of us as a team.

I truly believe that time is our most precious resource that we can’t get back and a large percentage of our time is spent at work. My idea was to make those work hours fun and rewarding so that work never has to feel like work. Thank you all for making Sendible such a great place to come to every day. You can all feel very proud of what we’ve achieved as a team so far and I look forward to what’s still to come!

Please eat, drink and enjoy!

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