The California Dream Starts at Home

I hear it everywhere I go, and for good reason: the world sees California’s prosperity but it also sees our disparities. Too many Californians are staring at our sky-high economy from the very bottom of the income ladder, while the costs of everyday life in California rise faster than wages. Homelessness and housing affordability strike at the core of this imbalance.

  • California currently provides about $85 million in tax credits to invest in affordable housing. We know this program works, and is often used to leverage federal and other funds by a ratio of two or three to one. By thoughtfully upping our investments, we can exponentially increase our affordable housing output. A state share of $500 million would generate an additional investment of $1.5 to $2 billion in new affordable housing production. We’ll keep a watchful eye to ensure transparency in the spending of these vital taxpayer dollars.
  • Undoubtedly, some redevelopment agencies were plagued with corruption, and eliminating them helped bring the state budget back into balance. But it’s incumbent upon the next Governor to get creative about how we plug that hole. Cities across California are turning to Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts, allowing them to partner with counties and public agencies to funnel resources to critical infrastructure projects like housing — we will scale these districts statewide.

Husband & father. Former SF mayor & 49th Lt. Gov. of California. Dedicated to equal rights & the economic recovery of California. Author of Citizenville.

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