In Defense of Homogeneous Design
Yaron Schoen

There’s a fundamental component missing from this article that puts everything in its right place. It addresses the concerns of product owners and managers. It’s called ‘user testing’.

Product management is about solving problems. The quickest path to success is always the solution. It’s why ugly designs that work well exist.

This article speaks to the visual layer, specifically UI design, though that’s only half the picture. All the good designers I’ve met don’t take dribbble seriously. It’s a place for innovation sure – though the bulk of what’s on display is no more than eye candy, and off the new ideas you come cross, many are simply unworkable patterns.

As a designer, test and validate, use qualitative and quantitative findings to make your point. And where that’s not possible, tap the UX communities for UI solutions that are tried and tested.

As stated, don’t avoid innovation, just test it and prove it’s validated before making the leap to creating difference for the sake making something better rather than just trying to look different.

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