PM memo 2022 week 28

Welcome to my №18 Looping Review.

I’ll take one day every week, month to reflect my work, life, hobby or anything I’d love to share as the pursuit of mental clarity and documenting my learning and personal growth. Life is just begun, all I need is time.


I always arrange several tasks on one day and switch task every hour even every half hour which makes me hard to concentrate on the work on hand and waste lots of tiny times in my working hours.

So recently, I try to remove and postpone some tasks, just focus on 1–2 crucial tasks everyday. I keep working on it until it’s done.

What did you learn last week? what have you achieved last week? To make things happen, you must think deeper and do it for a long time. try to focus on one thing for a long time, rather than arrange lots of tasks everyday.



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Gavin Gao

Product Manager / Father of cute twins | Sharing work, life, hobby and mental clarity story