Digital Art School wins Best Virtual & Remote: Health & Wellness

This article title was updated when we won the Webby Award! The original press release follows below.

Hospital Rooms and Cogapp announced today that they have been nominated for Best Virtual & Remote: Health & Wellness in the 25th Annual Webby Awards. …

Delivering remote art workshops to mental health patients

Hospital Rooms is a charitable organisation that organises projects to bring beauty and creativity into mental health wards. They connect internationally acclaimed artists like Giles Deacon, Mark Titchner, and Sara Berman with mental health units throughout the country, to create wonderful site-specific works, like these…

The Cogapp Podcast — transcribed for accessibility and findability

We recorded a podcast about becoming a developer which you can listen to here

or read a transcript below (edited for clarity)…

Hello, and welcome to the first Cogapp podcast. I‘m Jodie a producer at Cogapp.

Kevin, Hello, I’m a developer here.

Hi, I’m Vicki. …

Why we run this daily meeting, and how it’s evolved

Every morning we have an all-company standup meeting. We started about three years ago, and been iterating it ever since.

This post describes what we do at the moment (which is the best iteration so far) and why, then goes on to describe things we’ve changed or adapted. …

Gavin Mallory

Production Director @Cogapp, writing things I care about.

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